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Poems by Daniel Stockford

A poem to my brother - Sat 5 Jun 2021

An unexpected guest but a welcome visitor,
I know I’m not that sociable, but I have missed ya.
You’re looking well, even though the top has gone,
Will mine go, don’t think I’ll live that long.
I said to you like I’ve said to all,
Will not be going out until the world is cool.
Not worried about dying, or catching COVID-19,
But my number in statistics will not be seen.
You’re off to play golf, a walk ruined by starting and stopping,
Like going out with the wife when she’s shopping.
It’s nice you still see your old friends, the ones that matter,
A certain rapport, and loads of good old chatter.
Nice to hear you have found a proper local boozer,
I remember all the characters, the clown, the chap the liar and the loser.
I’ve given up the regular haunt, been too many for far too long,
My own garden a few tinnies a joint or a bong.
I’ve planned my room for maximum relaxation and chill,
But when it’s hot the fountain pen needs a bloody refill.
Won’t take up much of you time,
Because as you know I can write a very long rhyme.
Peace, from within
Love, is not a sin
Happiness, a perfect place to begin

A poem to my wife - 21/06/2018


I love you as much now as I did all those years ago, if not more

Sickness and health , rich or poor

You are my wife

You are my life

You are the mother of my beautiful two 

I don’t know why, but I do love you x


End of the year 2020

I do this little thing in my semi spare time,
And for those that know, it usually means a very long rhyme.
What a year, what a commotion I think you’ll all agree,
But it has done and shown some different things to me.
Lockdown is coming, lockdown has been and I think we will see it some more,
But for the moment let’s not forget what this time of year means to us,
We all have different beliefs and this year everyone has made a fuss.
Whatever you believe, and I’ve heard a few questionable theories I will admit,
Some have made sense , but some have been people talking shit.
Did anyone think it was gonna get this bad,
More than enough materials I thought I had.
That’s another subject, couldn’t finish so I started another project or two,
I’m going of track, regular readers will know that’s what I do.
Did you enjoy the first few weeks, I did, unexpected time spent with the wife,
Made me realise she is very important to my life.
As a walker with a crazy fucking dog the emptiness was sweet,
But then came the extra litter just thrown down on the street.
Coke bottles and lager tins got replaced by tissues and disposable masks,
From coppiced trees I made some lovely walking sicks was another of my tasks.
I don’t enjoy video chat,
And I’m sorry to my family for that.
How many of you have found the local shops are quite good,
How many of you will stay in the hood.
Did you get upset when you couldn’t go away this year,
Or annoyed that you couldn’t go out and have a beer.
Yes and no to both the above,
But then I remembered it’s life I love.
I/we, that’s me and my wife had plans for 30 years wed ,
So spending more time with her is not something I dread.
At the beginning I mentioned different things , but can you guess what,
Might be nothing to you, but to me, I feel it was a lot.
When out walking, the sounds where clear and the sky was bright,
Did you notice how many stars there were at night.
The air was cleaner , the roads were quieter,
And my favourite time of the day (sunrise) was brighter.
Keep wanting to switch the vibe, a subject changed,
Then I see the news, are people really that deranged.
I was always bought up that prevention is better than cure,
Not many nowadays believe that I’m sure.
So at this time of year I look forward thinking about hiding the work clothes and tools,
But this year there is a change in the rules.
Gonna carry on with the projects I’ve started, had enough of Netflix and prime,
And also the fucking dust and grime.
For those that.know me know I don’t do anything straight or square ,
I’ll hand make three or four instead of just one pair.
The same with cooking, meat and every veg and an onion pudding that’s two hours steamed,
I know this hasn’t been the Christmas that we all dreamed.
What has happened to the bulldog spirit, the stiff upper lip,
People now just want the victim trip.
Anyway, on a little lighter note the new year is coming, don’t make it go out with a bang,
I like all others do miss my gang.
Just like a holiday or a celebration missed,
Do it next year and get twice as pissed.
I’m ending my year with speaker up loud some tinnies and fizz and a big bag of weed,
Ask the wife, I’ve spent all day cooking, so I’ve got plenty of feed.
Spotify is earning its pay, with me it always does, music is,
Is what, it’s an up if I’m feeling down , if I’m feeling flat(not fat) gives me some fizz.
The clicking of fingers,the tapping of feet,
And I’m alone in my conservatory now shuffling them feet( Patrice rushen,simply forget me nots), thinking ain’t life sweet.
Could carry on all night(you know I do),no matter where you are and who your with, I hope things a good enough for you to think,
Think about what you have, when you think about what you have not you tend to sink.
I could go on about how happy I am( and I am) with my life and world,
But there are things that are missed and need to be held.
They will return, they’ll never be forgotten,
Now this vibe is making me feel rotten.
Gonna start signing off(good album) ,tunes for me tonight
Don’t look any further, Dennis Edwards sounded right.
For many it’s gonna be just the two of us, Grover Washington is now on,
Needed an excuse to continue a rhyme with artist not the song.
Just before I sign off, gone west coast with a bit of (California love)2pac.
No matter what your choice, just try to remember,we will get our life’s back.
Peace,we pray and hope
Love, with it , you can and will cope
Happiness, well as you all know it’s the above as well as dope
Peace out xxx

Friday 6 11 2020

So here we go once again, don’t you just hate lockdown two point o,
The numbers are going up, they did start to slow.
I hear people blame all but themselves,
Once Again no bog roll on the shelves.
Sit down and think do i really need 25 packs of tissue to wipe me arse,
The only thing I stocked up on was some lovely grass.
Follow the rules, if not for you ,think of all others,
How long did our grandparents go without see their sisters or brothers.
I listen to reasons from every side,
I’m sure they are doing their best with nothing to hide.
Two point o , I said at the start that I did hate,
Is it just me or does our Americanising make you irate,
I remember the storm in 1987, I remember it well,
1987, not a boy or a girl.
Presidential times for our American friends, accusations are flying,
It’s hard to believe that loads are still dying.
On a cheerier note the traffic is slightly less,
But cold damp and foggy morning’s, ain’t some people’s driving a mess.
Autumn , with winter approaching,quite a colourful time of year ,
Christmas is gonna be bad is what I hear.
It will be what you make it, the same as every day in life,
Four more weeks, then if needed,more they say,
Yes it’s gonna be tough and testing, but don’t we all want this virus to go away.
Stick on an album, let the neighbours know it’s gonna be loud,
It won’t be long before you can get back with the crowd.
Look after yourselves and those around,
Bridge over troubled waters , tonight’s sound,.
Peace, within
Love, bring
Happiness begin

Thursday 1st April 2021


I haven’t been putting pen to paper much so far this year,

And for someone like me, that’s a bit of a fear.

It’s no one else’s fault, can’t blame anyone but me.

Just ain’t felt like it, I’ll put it that simply.

A nice long weekend, a welcome break,

A chance to finish some autumn projects I started to make.

Spring is springing,

I love the early(6am)dog walk when then birds start singing.

For those that know me, I’m quit colourful chap,

And they also know the silly little things that out me in a right old flap.

Not many impressive sunrises yet, have I seen on that early walk.

I also realise I was a minority parent who gave their children the talk.

I’m not talking about the birds, or the bees that give us the lovely honey,

“Put your rubbish in your pocket kids”, littering our parks ain’t fucking funny.

Some nice bright blossoms, daffodils, crocuses starting to show their colourful head,

And then you see the bottles, cans,(and now), face masks etc just thrown in the flower bed.

Negative or realistic?,a moan or a groan?,

All the above, especially when I’m out walking on my own.

But now the sun has got some warmth when it decides to shine,

Then noticing the change in the fauna along with the people’s face is a favourite of mine.

You all know what I mean, the winter nod now comes with a smile,

And how many times do you say to a stranger “I hope this stays for a while “.

Good Friday tomorrow, hope you’re safe with any plans you have made,

But don’t forget, it is still ok to be afraid.

The weather look predictable for a king bank holiday weekend in the Uk,

You should be used to it now I tend to say.

I suppose I should mention the obvious, the subject on the tip of the tongue,

It’s horrible getting old when you still feel young.

I have had my first jab, and ain’t we doing well,

But we stinger the naysayers, oh please , go to hell.

It’s not just yourself, it will now be everyone you ever meet,

Don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as a treat.

Got me drivers license, a donor card, and then another for getting out cash,

And now the COVID-19 vaccination card in my wallet I do proudly stash.

Summer is round the corner, next year is not far away,

Please be careful, won’t be long before we can all go out to play.

Peace, throughout this troubled world we share,

Love, with all our kindness and care,

Happiness, making up a strange threesome that becomes a perfect pair


A poem to my nephew Ben January 2019


So I’ve got this nephew who has just returned from his travels,
Let’s do him some words, I wonder how this one unravels.
Me and my wife, a few years together,
My little sister as mad as ever.
Their belly’s, they both grew,
We had lois after your mum had you,
So then there’s two more in this family crew,
Stockford s ,Alexander s, and Nevard, this family to name but a few.
Won’t write every memory, far too many in this weird head of mine,
And if you enjoy, I’ll save some for another time.
I remember party’s when you and your cousins were young,
Don’t know about you kids, but the adults always had fun.
This is your first from crazy uncle dan,
Been nice too see you go from good kid to a very pleasant young man.
The party’s in grafton, the rockets down the hallway,do you remember them,
You’re a bit to big for me to ever do them again.
An extra bank holiday they gave us one year,
I was in the kitchen and I heard your voice say “uncle dan, I think you’d better come here.
You and Harry, my new barbecue box I think,
Getting ready for a family party, to Lorraine I did promise, I won’t start to early on the smoke or drink.
She came home and I had a tinny and a joint I was blowing,
Only started after Harry’s blood had stopped flowing.
We all get older, life changes, party’s don’t happen as much,
I’m glad me and your mother keep in touch.
Not many can say this, i can, and I don’t really care,
She is lovely, but also a fucking crazy old mare.
As you grow up, as parents our roles do change,
The love is still there, but your lives, you now arrange.
It’s hard to let go, a good parent does miss,
But it’s also good now we can all go out on the piss.
One more thing ( for the moment) from when you were young,
You and Harry in my garden and stones you would bung,
Part of growing up is a mischievous side i think we all need,
You’ve/ we’ve got a good family, we are a different breed.
Now have some thoughts from my hippy state of mind,
In all that life throws, I find it’s always best to be kind.
The ups and downs will always be there,
With ones you love it’s important to share.
Have some plans, maybe a dream or two,
Now and then sit down and think about them ,that’s good for you.
I’ve achieved a couple of mine, so far so good,
One was the happiness in my children’s childhood.
Don’t strive for money, if you work hard it will come,
Have serious side, but also have one for fun.
You’ve had some travels,and just like with Lois I admire what you done,
Remember life is what you make it, so be like me and make it fun.
Remember who you are, never forget where you’re from,
And in a family like ours you will get along.
Peace, from uncle dan
Love, keep it in your plan
Happiness, anyway you can

Michelle and Tim

I don’t know who deserves these words more,
My little sis’,or the man I knew before.
You got your woman,your kids and your house,
Its fucked now you’ve made her your spouse.
This is classed as the greatest day of your life,
I must agree,I still love my wife.
A piece of paper,many will say,
A commitment of love,the proper way.
A future together,the dreams ahead,
Buy a good sofa,it doubles as a bed.
But all that won’t be new to you,
So here’s some things about my sister that’s true.
She’s got a heart,that’s like her glass,
Always full,just like her ass.
Then there’s her mouth,she likes to be heard,
She had a good teacher that geezer bird.
What about her hair,keeps changing its fucking colour,
I can get away with this,I’m her big brother.
Better for worse,night before and after,
No matter what,just keep up the laughter.
Fit for purpose,tim,you like to say,

I hope you are the night of this day.
Tim,since I’ve known you iv’e no reason too doubt,
By the way,how is your gout.
You’ve taken my sis with kids in tow,
You silly old so and so.
All joking aside,all rhymes laid back,
Your best years are ahead,keep you family intact.
Little sis,what can I say,
Well,for a long time I’ve waited for this day.
An honest woman this day is born,
I think that phrase is a bit tattered and torn.
Things about you I know so well.
But you’ve grown up my little chelle.
The little sis along with her brother,
When I got home from the pub,would throw you one way,then
the other.
Would sneak into my bedroom when I was with my bird,
Bloddy big speakers,but your screaming could still be heard.
Poor old lorraine was worried as hell,
But you didn’t want to meet her,did you michelle.
25 years since me and lorraine done all this,
Remember your clothes,do you sis.
Many rivers have passed under a very big bridge,

Jars of chilli’s,and brie in the fridge.
The fiday nights,tim, I won’t be long,
Knackered from driving,me and you pisse with a good elvis
Party’s at yours,paty’s at mine,
Cycling back at some stupid time.
flashing your bits and frightening my son,
two beautiful sisters,but you’re the nutty one.
Memories are plenty,the ink cartridge is full,
How can a brother and sister be this cool.
The green man,the sofa and shots,
The barman thought you and me had the hots.
When I explained,he did have a laugh,
We did later,in the gutter and barf.
Left home when you were quite young,but never that far away.
All joking aside,back to the matter in hand,
Just keep thinking,aint life grand.
Peace,from the one who’s very loud
Love,you two have made me proud
Happiness,always put it in the crowd

Birthday boy - Matt


February the twenty second has come around once more,
So a poem to a little brother is definitely called for.
You’re getting older, nearly catching up with me,
Your new dwelling has made you so happy I can already see.
Please arrange a time and date ,
You’re my brother, not some old mate.
It was nice to see you even though you were very drunk,
Don’t you come near my dog with your spunk.
You are so funny and very crude,
That don’t matter because with you it ain’t rude.
We ain’t as close, but we are much more than many others,
So many people don’t talk to their sisters or brothers.
I can imagine you in an xr3 wearing a white stiletto heel,
I can also imagine how comfortable you’d feel.
You speak about your family with love and passion,
And for your sake it’s good going bald is back in fashion.
You’re a marvellous dad and I believe a good husband too,
When you love them much that’s what you do.
I spoke about a party for when my daughter gets home,
She surprised us on Saturday, you should see the picture on her phone.
They say you grow stronger with an absence of heart,
But that don’t mean nothing when loved ones are apart.
You’ve said you like the poems I write,
That’s good because you’re gonna be reading all night.
You’ve spread your wings many a time,
But it looks like this one is sublime.
I check the meanings to make sure the use is correct,
Or maybe because I’m stoned I sometimes suspect.
There’s a certain joy when you walk in your front door,
When the outside world (for a little while),doesn’t trouble you any more.
It’s a pleasure to find and long may it last,
Think about the present not the future or past.
Don’t know about you but I love the day I was born,
It’s also a good excuse for drugs ,alcohol and porn.
That’s me coming down to your crude level,
But I do love you, you little devil.
Happy birthday brother Matt,
We will soon have a drink and a chat xxx

My Little Sister

My little sister, who is also a very good friend,

And yes occasionally she does drive me round the bend.

22nd of September ,

That’s a date I will always remember .

I was ten, if my memory serves me well,

And along came the crazy but sweet little girl.

A piano playing policewoman we used to say,

Funny the things you remember from back in the day.

We’ve shared plenty of laughs and plenty of tears,

And with both the above a copious amount of beers.

Those days will come back, for me and you I promise you that,

Now I’m thinking about the gutter where you once sat.

The joy of your children, the heartbreak of your kids, 

Running out of petrol after scoring a couple of lids.

Family can’t be chosen, we have what we’ve got,

And on the whole a good one we’ve got.

Happy birthday my little Michelle 

Peace, with me and you, quiet tricky 

Love,don’t let others take the micky 

Happiness, get drunk and tomorrow pull a sicky 

Love ya sis

January 2019

A few years ago I sent some words to a select few,

But this year I think I need to share with more of you.

It’s been a good one,the weather’s been great,

Still mild in December,winter is late.

It’s New Year’s Eve, not out, in with my puppy and the beautiful wife,

Daughter’s in oz , already happy new year, my son is in the pub ,the other important things in my life.

Been busy, must say work has been good,

But have been branching out of the local neighbourhood.

What a summer,a great tan before and after Greece ,

A new addition to the family courtesy of Georgina, my niece.

Said goodbye to a couple of whom I did care,

Still some bastards living, not really fair.

Won’t go into why I don’t go out tonight,

But people do tend to say things that just ain’t right.

The promised job, the expected call,

Tonight is the night that does bring out the fool.

Bought my tools home, I promised myself I wouldn’t use,

Cooking,eating,relaxing and dog walking I did choose.

Yes, a new chapter in the life of Danny and Lorraine,

In thirty years there has been some down, but with kaya (our acd);we are up there again.

Hope this past year has been fair and true,

Hope this new one will be good for you.

I’m no better off, in fact I’m probably more poor,

But I’m still happy once inside my door.

My back still goes, the knees need a strap,

Roofs and roofing,2018, the year I gave up all that crap.

Depending on who reads ,by the time I send,

There’s a few like me, we now take a lot longer to mend.

Met some old faces, and swore I wouldn’t talk to others,

Got seriously pissed off with one of my brothers.

Now that’s started a little section in my confused brain,

Be careful what you say, one day you’ll need them all again.

We had shock earlier this year ,we didn’t know if our sons life would last,

At times like that , all the shit, put it in the box labelled past.

I done something this year while on holiday in Crete,

For me it was shocking, don’t think I should ever repeat.

Got dressed up , I even had a shave,

Was it a beach party , Greek night or maybe a rave.

No! While I was out I kept an eye on the score,

And just like 1990( the year I got married), our national team,they weren’t poor.

Do you make resolutions, do you keep or break,

Saying them out loud is often a big mistake.

I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t do what I do,

There are a few who know the things that make that true.

A few that receive have worked bloody hard to get their wealth,

But we should all be grateful for our health.

Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed,

(Fat Freddy and the freak brothers)

I don’t smoke weed, but very partial to a joint of hash,

Not as dangerous and a lot less cash.

Tried to go without,not one problem did I have at all,

Still the same smart , casual crazy and cool.

But I got lazy and uninspired, that’s what I did,

Wanted to kill a customer (ask my son), so I went out and scored a lid.

So that’s my vice and you’ve all got yours,

Honesty is one thing I do applause.

If you’ve got this far, I thank you very much,

I hope with your loved ones you are still in touch.

I hope last year wasn’t too sad,

I hope reading this hasn’t driven you mad,

I hope this year will be souper douper and fab,

I hope at the chimes you had someone to legally grab.

Happy two o one nine

And if you’re using public transport tonight get a ticket not a fine

Peace for the coming year

Love you must embrace not fear

Happiness to all that to me are dear

Peace out everyone x

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