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In Loving Memory of

Daniel Christopher Cowley-Stockford

24th August 1965 - 23rd November 2021

Danny, Dan, Daniel (if he was in the bad books) but Bruv is who he was to me.


A caring, kind and loving man, set in his ways and always had a plan.


My earliest memories as boy, was his bedroom paint job oh the joy,

as I sneaked up the stairs to peep through the door crack,

he’d only gone and paint the whole room black.


The biggest speakers you would ever see,

placed in the wholes cut out the ceiling,

he would of said for better sound quality.


Danny loved his music as you’ll all be aware,

the neighbours weren’t always fans at 2am,

but Danny didn’t care,

when he thought he’d plugged his earphones in, to listen to his tune,

the whole of Shawford Road was blasted - Dark side of the moon.


Danny was a man that lived by what he said,

I’m guessing mum was horrified when he rocked up as a skinhead,

The Union Jack at the jubilee is one that I remember,

but Danny had many styles, and I think it was a perm by the following November.


Loud shirts, ray bans, DM to brogue boots,

shaggy hair, messy beard,

he wasn’t one for suits.


My brother Dan, loved a good old sesh with endless gags and plenty of laughter,

rolling one up, the early starts, loading the van because he was a grafter.


Dan was crazy in many ways and to some of us at times a pain,

but that didn’t stop him meeting the love of his life the one and only the beautiful Lorraine.

They then soon would be engaged and then would marry,

things got even better, they had Lois and Harry.


There are many memories of my brother that I love and like,

he found a lot of joy in activities,

like walking, flying kits and riding his bike.


But If I could just wish for one more thing,

it would be to play some bad manners or madness so we could dance and sing


So many memories, not all can been shared,

unfortunately not enough time to explain how much he cared.


But the thing that I’m desperately trying to say,

is how much I will miss you and hope I will see you again someday.


Until such time I will continue to love, Yes I’m heartbroken, but rest peacefully Bruv.

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